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From where I sit: Doubling down on potash

By Steve Halabura Here is an investment thesis I’ve heard this summer: fertilizers, and by association, potash, is heavily oversold, thus discrediting any claims that fertilizer shortages will create opportunities for production expansions in the near to medium term....

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Sensor-based sorting testwork for potash operations

By Erin Matthews Sensor-based sorting (SBS) technologies and testwork are evolving, offering the mining industry another tool in the mineral processing toolbox. SBS is a collection of technologies that use sensors to separate ore from waste, either on a particle basis...

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Coatings: The silent heroes in the potash industry

By Park Derochie Inc. Canada is the leading potash producer and exporter in the world. That’s right. With the largest reserves, we were able to contribute over 30 per cent of the global production in 2021 and continue to grow the industry year after year[1]. This...

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Transitioning to the energy transition

The hydrogen revolution begins underground By Sam Voegeli Picture a future where clean and sustainable energy isn’t just a goal but a dream realized. A future that runs on a limitless source: hydrogen. This reality is closer than you think—and it begins underground....

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Seeing is believing

Mitigating risks using 3D CADD models and scanning By Carey Carriere and Murray Edmunds As engineering, construction, and management teams in the potash industry know, successfully integrating new components into existing environments requires meticulous planning,...

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PotashWorks is the only publication dedicated exclusively to potash production, potash mining, distribution, and the unions and individuals who specialize in bringing potash to market. Online and in print, the highly anticipated annual potash mining magazine is direct mailed, free of charge to all North American potash producers, consulting engineers, potash contractors, union representatives, government officials, occupational health and safety supervisors and many more.

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The Potash Producer is a companion piece of the popular PotashWorks annual print magazine. Published prior to the magazine as an e-newsletter and delivered to your inbox.

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