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Saskatchewan Potash Council proudly celebrates their fifth anniversary

By Jillian Mitchell As the Saskatchewan Potash Council promotes, “an injury to one is an injury to all.” It’s a mandate that proudly reflects the collective bargaining power of a union. by

The City of Yorkton: where good things happen

By Jillian Mitchell Each working day, Dale Hintz makes the trek from Yorkton to Mosaic’s Esterhazy mine site. It’s a luxury that he, undeniably, would not trade for the world. by

SaskWater: helping build the potash industry for 46 years

Water is the most regulated substance people consume, and a vital natural resource in Saskatchewan’s economy. SaskWater is Saskatchewan’s Crown water utility, providing potable and non-potable water and wastewater services across the province. Its origins date back to 1966 with an initial focus on supplying water to an expanding potash…