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Encanto Potash: growing forward together towards production

Encanto Potash was formed specifically to partner with Canada’s First Nations communities to help them benefit by developing the potash resources that lay beneath their vast land holdings. Currently, Encanto is focusing on their flagship joint ventured Muskowekwan (MFN) and Ochapowace/Chacachas properties in Southeastern Saskatchewan. These are joined by a…

Working with the land: Allana Potash Corp. introduces green practices in Ethiopia

By Jillian Mitchell Situated in the horn of northeastern Africa is Ethiopia, a country known for its expansive and enticing landscape—a notable 1.13-million square kilometres of towering jacaranda trees, arid desert, tropical oases, and open skies. But what lies beneath this wondrous landscape has rendered the oldest country in Africa…

BHP Billiton – Building a world-class potash business

Construction of the shaft-sinking headframe. Images reproduced with permission of BHP Billiton. About 140 kilometres east of Saskatoon, two of the tallest structures in Saskatchewan are taking shape above the shafts at BHP Billiton’s Jansen Potash Project. by