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Five decades of proven success engineering and building bulk material handling equipment for the potash industry

Industrial Equipment Manufacturing Ltd. engineers, designs, and builds the equipment and support that you need to build your potash application. Handling a demanding material, such as potash, requires dependable performance from each piece of equipment in a processing facility. The need for reliability holds especially true for material handling equipment….

QEMSCAN®: Specialized method of analyzing potash

By Dr. Lucy Hunt, PhD Potash mining is an important contributor to the economic strength of Saskatchewan. Understanding the nature of potash resources is vital for optimizing its extraction and recovery in order to maximize the benefit from this non-renewable resource. The Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) is at the forefront…

Mining green through a sea of pink

By Jaime Rieger Keeping up in an environmentally friendly world can be tough for some mining companies to do. It’s hard to find “green” machinery that can do the job required when working in an industrial situation. Yet, for some potash mines in Saskatchewan, things just got a little easier…