Encanto Potash Corp. (TSXV: EPO) and the Muskowekwan First Nation are very pleased to announce that they have engaged Golder Associates Ltd., a consulting, design and construction services company, as a vital part of the next step in developing a significant potash mine in Saskatchewan.

As part of Encanto’s previously stated plan to strive to significantly reduce both the OPEX and CAPEX for an advanced potash solution mine, Golder will prepare two studies for Encanto over the remaining summer months.

  1. A water study to finalize the most appropriate and viable water supply for the Muskowekwan Potash Project with regards to cost savings and environmental stewardship.
  2. An Environmental Impact Study (EIS) gap analysis to determine all steps necessary to complete the full EIS and proceed with the Environmental safeguarding for the entire Muskowekwan Potash Project.

“Golder has completed numerous environmental studies and work in Saskatchewan and around the world and is very respected in their field by both their peer group and government agencies,” said Chief Operating Officer Richard Lively. “After careful consideration, we decided to appoint Golder as our partner to move ahead for this very important aspect of our project. Golder has an immaculate reputation and a wealth of experience to draw from. We feel very confident having them as part of our team moving ahead. Golder’s experienced and dedicated team of professionals will be a great asset to Encanto and our plan to start moving this project forward is a meaningful and strategic manner.”

Golder’s inclusion comes at a time when the financial support of the Government of Canada via funding through Indigenous Services Canada to support the upcoming engineering steps of the project has become available (please refer to the press release dated July 23, 2018). “After much hard work and open communication, this initial government demonstration of support for a major Encanto/Muskowekwan First Nation project couldn’t have come at a better time,” stated Mr. Lively.

With Golder on board, Encanto is confident in their ability to deliver multiple updates to its stakeholders and the investment community in 4 th Quarter, 2018. These reports will form the basis of a firm work plan to finalize and deliver a technically advanced and construction ready project by November, 2019.

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