RESPEC’s lab features 10,000 square feet of environmentally controlled floor space to ensure accurate data when preparing and testing samples.

Providing comprehensive consulting services to major salt and potash mining companies and hydrocarbon storage facilities around the world, RESPEC’s potash-focused geology experts serve potash producers and exploration companies from our Saskatoon, Saskatchewan subsidiary, North Rim, acquired in 2016.   Our team is the only potash-focused geology consulting firm in Canada, and together, we have an unparalleled history of expertise in the Canadian marketplace.  RESPEC’s potash capabilities extend our application of salt-mechanics principles to industrial projects and hydrocarbon and hazardous waste storage.

From exploration to reclamation, RESPEC provides the full spectrum of technical services required in a wide variety of salt and potash projects worldwide. Having worked in 18 countries, RESPEC offers geologic assessments, laboratory testing, mine planning and rock-mechanics design analyses, subsidence monitoring, instrumentation and field services, resource estimation, permitting support, financial evaluation, and due diligence reviews.

RESPEC’s technical services in the geoscience consulting market include specialized capabilities in drilling management, mineral resource mapping, mining integrity studies, and feasibility studies.  Using 43-101 report compilations enables RESPEC to provide turnkey services to the mining marketplace.

Founded in 1969, RESPEC is a global leader in geoscience, engineering, and data and information technology.  With 21 locations in North America and strategic alliances worldwide, award-winning RESPEC has a 48-year reputation of technical excellence in meeting client goals.

RESPEC specializes in developing innovative solutions for the mining and energy industry worldwide. Our 100-per cent employee-owned company has been advising clients for almost five decades, with the majority of work performed for returning clients.  RESPEC excels at quick turnaround and emergency response projects.  Across the entire life cycle of your project, we drive project schedules from design to delivery.  If there is seemingly no solution, we create one.

RESPEC’s team of engineers and geologists have extensive experience with understanding how potash behaves underground. If you need innovate solutions to mine or exploration problems, RESPEC has a professional that can help out.

RESPEC’s interdisciplinary team has created hundreds of technology solutions and products, and performed thousands of projects—a testament to our experience and expertise.   As an integrated technology solutions provider, we match the right team of experts and specialists to each unique client need in mining, energy, water, environment, data, and technology. We value respect for the culture, the environment, and communities in which we work.

Combining RESPEC’s professional team qualifications, decades of experience, flexible locations, and a world-class interdisciplinary offering of specialty services and state-of-the-art labs, RESPEC is best positioned to meet your goals and create operational benefits by achieving desired outcomes on time and within budget.

RESPEC’s corporate headquarters is located in Rapid City, S.D. Our president and CEO, Todd J.  Kenner, has over 30 years of experience in the engineering and consulting industry.   We are very proud of our Canadian management team comprised of Karri Howlett, Lola Piche, Debbie Shewfelt, and Tabetha Stirrett.

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