Park Derochie crew performing touch-up painting on the exterior walls of the ECC building at K+S Legacy Project. Very little scaffolding was used, which allowed for an accelerated schedule and low-cost impact to complete this job. Park Derochie has completed touch-up painting on over 62,500 structural connections to date on the K+S Legacy Project. Crew size peaked at 60 employees for that contract.

Whether it’s new construction, maintenance or shut downs, Park Derochie has you covered.

With roots going back to 1956, Park Derochie (PD) continues to lead the way as one of the top industrial-coating contractors in North America, specializing in all types of industrial coatings, fireproofing, firestopping, blast cleaning, scaffolding, as well as mechanical and sprayfoam insulation.

Park Derochie opened their Saskatchewan operation in 2010 and its rapid growth can (in part) be attributed to providing value for clients with specialized protective coatings. They also offer tile lining, fibreglassing and lead abatement services, and have completed over $20 million in lead abatement projects. PD staff are trained in SSPC (C-3), Deleading of Industrial Structures, as well as numerous other levels of safety training.

The company is proud to play a key role in energy conservation and since expanding its services in 2005, have left their mark on the insulation industry; applying spray foam insulation and installing mechanical insulation in a wide variety of markets.

Qualified and safety-driven staff have the ability to engineer, erect, and maintain proper containment for lead and/or asbestos abatement to ensure protection of employees, the general public, and the environment.

Attracting quality, long-term individuals is key to the success of any company. Park Derochie recognizes that job satisfaction is vital to employee retention and has built a strong safety culture, which is a major component of day-to-day operations. They are proud to be leaders in the industry, and see discounted WCB premiums each year.

Striving to provide well-managed, turn-key, and hassle-free services to clients, the process starts at the top, within their own organization in conjunction with the client. Using an innovative, detailed approach while pre-planning projects (from HSE to QA/QC and job execution) has played a major role in the overall success of the company.

Blast and recoat of head frame steel at Agrium Vanscoy.

Park Derochie Saskatchewan experience

While working on the K+S Legacy Project, with multiple contracts and scopes of work, touch-up painting was completed to over 125,000 connections. With 63 different contracts between 31 different contractors, Park Derochie was able to exceed 400,000 man hours without a LTI (loss time incident). This is not only cost effective for clients, but sets a standard for other contractors on that project, as well as within the industry. Along with an exemplary safety record on this site, PD also maintained an Aboriginal workforce of over 30 per cent.

Shut Down Success – Park Derochie has completed numerous shut down contracts at various mine sites throughout Saskatchewan, such as PotashCorp Saskatchewan, Mosaic, Yara, Agrium, and K+S. The success of these contracts, due to efficiency within the group, is evidenced by increased scope of work on the majority of projects.

The unique ability to provide a diverse package of coordinated services, with a single project manager, results in superior project coordination and translates to time and cost savings for your projects; this is also an ideal fit for all types of maintenance contracts. Park Derochie also offers a (proprietary) web-based system that gives clients access to up-to-date project cost information from anywhere in the world. This system provides detailed LEMs, summarized project costs, and cost breakdowns, and assists with expedient review and approve of LEMs on time and material contracts. This allows clients to monitor costs incurred daily to compare against budgets and avoid cost overruns, leaving them free to manage the project instead of managing the contractor.

The Park Derochie difference is apparent…striving to provide best-in-class services is their mission. For over 60 years, the company has proven to be an unparalleled sub-contractor when it comes to corporate social responsibility, innovation, and expertise.

One call….one contractor!

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