Mine Radio Systems takes new ICT platform to the potash industry











Mine Radio Systems (MRS) has been providing advanced communications and safety systems to the potash industry since 2000. MRS has installations in Spain at Iberpotash and in Saskatchewan at PotashCorp. MRS has supplied these facilities with multiple upgrades/expansions.

MRS’ new platform is poised to serve the potash industry now and in the years to come.

MRS – ICT (Information Communication Technology)

MRS is the leading supplier of the world’s most advanced, performance-driven, scalable, and reliable communication and safety solutions engineered to improving efficiency, safety, and productivity in the mining, tunneling, and infrastructure industries.

The MRS ICT platform offers a comprehensive suite of high-speed communications and safety solutions for mining, tunneling, and infrastructure. The MRS platform includes a wide array of voice, data, video, and safety applications delivered over cutting-edge hybrid backbones, including radiating cable, fiber, and Wi-Fi.

Applications include:

• Asset location (Tagging)

• Collision alert

• Fleet monitoring

• Voice, video, and data

• High-speed connectivity

• Cost-effective communications solutions

• Trapped miner location

• Emergency evacuation

For the last 25 years, MRS has maintained a commitment to the development of technologies that stand alone or enhance the value of existing communication and safety systems for mines, tunnels, and infrastructure. With manufacturing facilities in Canada and around the world, MRS is able to design their own components and systems. In this way, MRS maintains the highest standards of quality control, implementation, and customer service.

MRS is registered ISO 9001: 2008 and has earned the following IS (Intrinsically Safe) certifications:

• Canada – CANMET

• United States – MSHA

• Europe – ATEX


• Australia – SIMTARS

• India – CMRI & DGMS

• South Africa – SABS & Explolabs

• People’s Republic of China – MA

About Iberpotash

Iberpotash, a business unit of ICL Fertilizers, is a producer and supplier of potash fertilizers for agriculture and industry uses. Iberpotash produces over one million tons of red potash for fertilizers from their two mines in Catalonia, Spain. These mines represent one of Europe’s most important potash resources, conveniently located near the major potash consumption areas of the European Union.

About PotashCorp

PotashCorp is the world’s largest fertilizer company by capacity, producing the three primary crop nutrients – potash (K), phosphate (P), and nitrogen (N). As the world’s leading potash producer, they are responsible for about 20 per cent of global capacity.

With operations and business interests in seven countries, PotashCorp is an international enterprise and a key player in meeting the growing challenge of feeding the world.

About MRS

With over 400 installations at mining and tunnelling sites in over 50 countries, MRS is recognized worldwide as the leading provider of ICT (information and communications technology) solutions that enhance productivity, profitability, and safety.

The company is led by a world-class management team committed to being the industry leader in product innovation and performance, while meeting and exceeding the needs of existing clients with superior service and support.

MRS operates on six continents. The corporate headquarters are in Goodwood, Ontario, Canada.

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