Nutrien’s large-scale operations touch or attract people from several treaty territories, languages, and heritage groups.

In nature, a healthy ecosystem relies on diversity to boost productivity. Every aspect of nature contributes; every contribution is important.

As the world leader in providing crop inputs, services, and solutions, Nutrien recognizes the value of diversity – in nature, in our workplace, and in the communities where we work and live. We understand that to grow our world from the ground up, we need to draw on unique insights from all areas of our company, supply network, and community.

We also know that our focus on diversity provides us with an opportunity to lead. Our supply chain should be as diverse as the communities we serve. Our large-scale operations touch or attract people from several treaty territories, languages, and heritage groups, which is why we have a company-wide commitment to diversity, and one of our engagement principles is inclusion.

Working with our suppliers

We believe that investing in the potential of Aboriginal people and businesses today will lead to a better workforce, more vibrant communities, and stronger suppliers tomorrow. We actively assess Canadian suppliers to identify companies that can deliver exceptional value through their products and services, as well as drive positive impact through Aboriginal communities. We also award bonus points on RFP submissions to companies committed to local Aboriginal content.

To help suppliers follow our lead, we developed an Aboriginal Content Playbook (available on that details our strategies and gives suppliers suggestions to help them in the development of their own inclusion strategies. We also host town hall sessions to explain our policies and answer questions, and maintain a database of Aboriginal suppliers and job seekers that we share across our supply chain.

Measuring progress

Nutrien is committed to allocating 30 per cent of local spending to majority-owned Aboriginal suppliers, or suppliers who share our commitment to Aboriginal development in Saskatchewan by 2020. And by making this commitment, we have achieved immediate progress.

Since 2016, we have spent more than $50 million with over two-dozen Aboriginal-majority owned suppliers in Saskatchewan. Our outreach also resulted in suppliers investing more than $600,000 in Aboriginal communities through their own inclusion strategies.

By sharing our knowledge with industry, we are having a broader impact. And by demonstrating the powerful impact of diversity, we’re helping build a stronger company and healthier communities.


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