Canpotex reaches agreement with Sinofert

Image from Canpotex.

Canpotex Limited announces that it has reached agreement with Sinochem Fertilizer Macao Commercial Offshore Ltd. for supply of 700,000 metric tonnes (MT) of potash to China during the first half of 2014.  This new contract is priced at current and competitive market levels. by

Disruption in the potash world

Russia from Above project. Magadan Region

By Leonard Melman Potash is big business.  As a primary ingredient in crop fertilization, potash is consumed in vast quantities and the mining of the mineral has become a $20 billion dollar per year business. by

Mosaic Esterhazy welcomes GM Bruce Bodine

Bruce Bodine, GM of Mosaic.  Image by Jaime Rieger.

By Jaime Rieger Florida can be a pretty nice place to live, especially when comparing it to the deep-freeze conditions of a prairie winter. But to Florida-raised Bruce Bodine, the newest general manager (GM) of Mosaic operations, the weather was hardly a deciding factor when he made the choice to…