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Picadilly Mine reinvigorates New Brunswick’s potash industry

By Melanie Franner It’s been many years since the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources first discovered potash in the Plumsweep-Penobsquis area in 1971 and subsequently granted the exploration and development rights to the Potash Company of America. These operations were acquired in 1993 by Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc….

Potash development, the economic engine of the Sussex region

By S. M. Hatcher, P. Eng. The municipality of Sussex, situated in beautiful Kings County, and located in south-central New Brunswick, Canada.  It is strategically located between the province’s three largest cities: Saint John, Moncton, and Fredericton. With tree-lined streets, gracious older homes, and an abundance of small-town charm, Sussex…

Worldwide population growth drives bright potash mining future for New Brunswick

By Leonard Melman It is all so amazingly simple.  People have to eat and as it happens, that basic concept has resulted in an industry which has already made great contributions to New Brunswick’s economy, but as the famous musical line put things, just perhaps “You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!”…