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The Mosaic Company: Celebrating 10 years of helping the world grow the food it needs

Mosaic is uniquely positioned as a young organization with a rich legacy formed from the merger of Cargill, Inc. and IMC Global Inc., companies with strong histories of innovation and community commitment. In 10 years, Mosaic has been able to blend the best of each of these cultures to become…

The Mosaic Company is a community partner

These days, it can be hard to find business news that evokes hope, so when a corporation goes beyond providing a paycheque and invests in a community as a true partner, it’s worth taking note. One of Saskatchewan’s largest employers in the potash industry has done just that. The Mosaic Company…

Esterhazy: A community on the grow

The opening of Saskatchewan’s first successful potash-producing mine was a defining moment in the history of Esterhazy, and the dawn of a new era for the province. by