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Partnering for prosperity: aboriginal peoples in the potash sector

By Nathan Elliott Mining is the backbone of the Saskatchewan economy. The sector stimulates economic growth, job creation, and spin-off activity in urban centres, in rural areas and, more recently, in aboriginal communities across the province. Several of these aboriginal communities are capitalizing on the continuing strength of the mining…

The City of Yorkton: where good things happen

By Jillian Mitchell Each working day, Dale Hintz makes the trek from Yorkton to Mosaic’s Esterhazy mine site. It’s a luxury that he, undeniably, would not trade for the world. by

SaskWater: helping build the potash industry for 46 years

Water is the most regulated substance people consume, and a vital natural resource in Saskatchewan’s economy. SaskWater is Saskatchewan’s Crown water utility, providing potable and non-potable water and wastewater services across the province. Its origins date back to 1966 with an initial focus on supplying water to an expanding potash…