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49th Annual Emergency Response/Mine Rescue Skills Competition . . . A Test with Great Success!

Early June 2017 saw teams of dedicated and highly trained emergency response/mine rescue personnel from 15 mine sites around the province test their skills at the 49th Annual Emergency Response/Mine Rescue Skills Competition held at Prairieland Park on Saturday June 3, 2017. For the fourth straight year, PotashCorp Patience Lake…

Picadilly Mine reinvigorates New Brunswick’s potash industry

By Melanie Franner It’s been many years since the New Brunswick Department of Natural Resources first discovered potash in the Plumsweep-Penobsquis area in 1971 and subsequently granted the exploration and development rights to the Potash Company of America. These operations were acquired in 1993 by Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan Inc….

PotashCorp mine rescue teams win in weekend provincial competition

PotashCorp joined with the province’s other major mining companies in Regina on May 30, 2015 to make the latest Saskatchewan Emergency Response/Mine Rescue Skills Competition a success. The event features teams from mining operations across the province competing in a variety of events that measure their skills in dealing with…