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Worldwide population growth drives bright potash mining future for New Brunswick

By Leonard Melman It is all so amazingly simple.  People have to eat and as it happens, that basic concept has resulted in an industry which has already made great contributions to New Brunswick’s economy, but as the famous musical line put things, just perhaps “You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!”…

AMEC – Shaping the future of potash

Headquartered in London, UK, AMEC (LSE: AMEC) is a focused supplier of consultancy, engineering, and project management services to its customers in the world’s oil and gas, minerals and metals, clean energy, environment, and infrastructure markets.  With annual revenues of some C$5.1 billion, AMEC designs, delivers, and maintains strategic and…

Potash in New Brunswick: Past discoveries, current success, future potential

New Brunswick is Canada’s only province besides Saskatchewan to have economically extractable concentrations of potash.  Moreover, New Brunswick is the only potash-producing region on the eastern seaboard of North America.  Today, potash mining in New Brunswick accounts for about five per cent of all potash production in Canada. by