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Germany’s K+S Group sets its sights on Saskatchewan

The globe’s fifth largest potash producer and number one producer of salt has committed to investing over $3 billion in a new potash mine in the R.M. of Dufferin, about 38 kilometres northeast of Moose Jaw.  K+S Potash Canada, a wholly owned subsidiary of the German K+S Group, is working…

Saskatchewan’s potash mining industry – providing prosperity and security for the province’s communities

By Leonard Melman PotashCorp Lanigan mine site. Image courtesy of PotashCorp.[/caption] Casual visitors to the southern portion of Saskatchewan cannot help but note that agriculture is of vast importance to the province.  Clearly, they understand that the vast expanses of vibrant earth combined with adequate moisture, long hours of sunshine,…

Saskatchewan Potash Council proudly celebrates their fifth anniversary

By Jillian Mitchell As the Saskatchewan Potash Council promotes, “an injury to one is an injury to all.” It’s a mandate that proudly reflects the collective bargaining power of a union. by