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Saskatchewan potash industry prepared for growth in 2017

By Kylie Williams Saskatchewan produced a record 18.2 million tonnes of potassium chloride in 2015, with a value of $6.1 billion dollars. As the world’s largest potash producer, the province is hopeful that the low potash prices of recent years, due to over-supply and lower-than-expected demand, have reached their lowest…

CCDF – A Metis success story

Saskatchewan continues to grow and so does the Clarence Campeau Development Fund (CCDF). The fund has grown to become a significant player making a major impact on economic development in the province. It currently boasts an equity base in excess of $28 million with loan receivables of over $15 million….

45 years & five divisions strong: Northern Strands is growing with Saskatchewan

BY PAUL SINKEWICZ Mining and construction — two of the heavyweights of the Saskatchewan economy — rely on largely unseen, critical systems to function properly. Northern Strands is a key supplier of those systems. Like the bones, sinew and muscle of a body, wire rope, fittings and riggings are the…