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CCDF – A Metis success story

Saskatchewan continues to grow and so does the Clarence Campeau Development Fund (CCDF). The fund has grown to become a significant player making a major impact on economic development in the province. It currently boasts an equity base in excess of $28 million with loan receivables of over $15 million….

45 years & five divisions strong: Northern Strands is growing with Saskatchewan

BY PAUL SINKEWICZ Mining and construction — two of the heavyweights of the Saskatchewan economy — rely on largely unseen, critical systems to function properly. Northern Strands is a key supplier of those systems. Like the bones, sinew and muscle of a body, wire rope, fittings and riggings are the…

Riding the wave!

By Darrin Kruger The Saskatchewan Potash Council is an umbrella organization representing approximately 3,000 unionized potash workers from mines currently producing potash in the Saskatchewan potash mining industry.   The council’s membership includes members from the United Steelworkers, Unifor, and the Rocanville Potash Employees Association. Our guiding principle remains unchanged; to…