Enhancing safety culture: National Safety Solutions providing technology for safety

by | Feb 14, 2020 | Suppliers | 0 comments

Introducing National Safety Solutions, a group of people dedicated to developing technology relating to safety and accountability.

In every industry safety is a challenge. As the workload increases, workers become complacent and inspection reports start to be inaccurate, or worse, not completed. Unfortunately many of these reports have been pencil whipped and/or electronically pencil whipped, which refers to the employees sitting in the comfort of the vehicle or equipment and filling out the inspection report without walking around the vehicle. National Safety Solutions is committed to enhancing safety cultures throughout North America by providing innovative solutions to these problems.

The Start Right 360 inspection system was designed to work with heavy equipment and company vehicles to ensure operators complete a full 360-degree walk-around inspection prior to operating by sounding an alarm in the equipment if the inspection was not completed. This inherently removes the potential for vehicle incidents related to the operator being unaware of the condition and surroundings of the given vehicle. All inspections can be collected and stored on a secure web-based dashboard for easy assessment by safety officers and administration.

National Safety Solutions is proud of its flagship product and its ability to protect assets and people both above and below ground with the verifiable accountability that the Start Right 360 provides. Protecting your company’s workers and assets has never been so simple. With the use of the Start Right 360 it will remove the complacency and increase the compliance as accountability with all employees; regardless if they are onsite or off, your assets will be protected 24/7. With this type of boots-on-the-ground approach, National Safety Solutions guarantees results with the use of their products.

Did you know that…

● Over 65 per cent of vehicle/equipment incidents are related to backing up and not performing a 360- degree walk around?
● 60 per cent of all backovers involve pickup trucks or larger as the average blind zone is 4.5 to 6.1 metres
● On average, over 235 fatalities and 13,000 injuries occur every year in the U.S. alone
● On any investigation that requires DNA testing and minimum damage of less than $1,000 will cost the company over $8,000 to their bottom line, not including down time. Not to mention possible scars on the organization reputation.

We think they are a worthwhile company that warrants you visiting www.nsslca.com where you can see some of their other products like the Verifiable Accountability of the Daily Scaffolding inspection reports or the Disabling 360 Walk Around systems.