Providing a full suite of services to support the entire mine life cycle, RESPEC also helps mining companies re-invent themselves for the digital era. With the World Economic Forum estimating a multi-billion-dollar value on digital transformation for the mining industry over the next five years, mining companies now accept the necessity of digital transformation to stay competitive, safe, secure, and profitable, according to RESPEC’s Tabetha Stirrett, co-president and senior geologist.

With 50 years of serving the mining and oil and gas markets worldwide, RESPEC holds unsurpassed expertise in geology, engineering, and mining. RESPEC is busier than ever supporting the acceleration of Canadian potash and salt exploration and the industry’s digitization race. Focused on mine optimization, design, and planning for both surface and underground, RESPEC provides expertise in every phase of the mine life cycle while increasing productivity, protecting sensitive data, and reducing waste.

A leader in smart mining, RESPEC differentiates itself by mentoring companies to take ownership of mining’s “new normal”. Featuring a wide range of services in engineering, materials testing, drilling, and secure data management, RESPEC’s expertise in connected mining and geology benefits every aspect of a mine – from greenfield to closure. According to Stirrett, who is based in RESPEC’s Saskatchewan office, “We’re powerfully different because of our multi-disciplinary approach to integrated technology. RESPEC has a 50-year track record of specializing in unique solutions for clients that others simply can’t provide.”

For an industry that’s working towards “digital maturity”, RESPEC works like a trusted advisor who promotes operational excellence, precision ore management, and autonomous unmanned aerial vehicle systems (UAV). Since 2018, RESPEC has partnered with AutoModality to develop a fully autonomous UAV system for underground inspection, mapping, and search and rescue in abandoned and inaccessible mine workings. RESPEC also supports clients with the most advanced hardware and software tools in the industry, including smart sensors, artificial intelligence (AI), cybersecurity, predictive maintenance, big data, and advanced analytics.

In close collaboration with the mining industry, RESPEC’s business units in mining & energy and water & natural resources work closely with its data and technology solutions (DTS) team to bring more diversity of thought to mining-industry solutions. The DTS team plays an essential role in helping clients “think outside the mine” to achieve a truly optimal and secure environment. RESPEC’s strategy is to embed digital technologies in every task associated with managing and operating a mine. Additionally, RESPEC’s software products, GeoSequel® 2.15 with LabTools and blastFeeder™, are used to optimize and manage mining data.

With local roots in Saskatchewan’s potash and 21 locations across the U.S., RESPEC does it all, from greenfield assessments to operating mine settings. RESPEC services include full-procurement drilling, rock mechanics testing and research, mine design and scheduling, resource and reserve estimations, in-mine and surface monitoring instrumentation, mine reclamation, and more.

Founded in 1969, RESPEC is a global leader in geoscience, engineering, data, and integrated technology solutions for major industry sectors. Visit them online at