The most commonly recognized solution for pressurized liquid conveyance is carbon steel pipe, and the most cost-effective interior protection for carbon steel pipe is cement-mortar lining. Mortar-lined carbon steel pipe is used worldwide in potable water systems, raw water systems, brine transport, and a multitude of injection, extraction, and processing applications.

Mortar linings are available in a variety of mixes: American Water Works Association’s standard C205 for potable water, American Petroleum Institute’s RP-10E for oilfield applications, etc., employing combinations of Portland cements, Well Cements, Ca cements, and optional pozzolanic additives. Potash solution mining, however, relies primarily on Pre-Krete G-8 due to its historically proven superior performance in combined high heat, pressure, fine abrasive, and corrosive environments.

Industry-leading potash solution miners in Saskatchewan and elsewhere have successfully integrated Pre-Krete G-8 mortar-lined carbon steel pipe into their systems for many years. Their material choice is based on the economic combination of suitability, durability, reliability, enhanced rigidity for buried service, ease of installation, and other factors. 

Imperial Pipe’s Pre-Krete-lined carbon steel pipe is an integral element of numerous mining systems, from the most venerable to the newest installations in Saskatchewan. Imperial’s pipe is present throughout the harshest high-volume pathways of potash solution, cavern development, well collection, return lines, and on into the processing modules. Imperial’s pipe is operating throughout North America in over 100 kilometres of piping systems from 75mm through 915mm diameters.

Imperial Pipe has invested decades developing our products, along the way delving into and mastering the melding of cement mortar with carbon steel pipe through the spincasting process. Imperial recognizes that successful application of each mortar mix requires specific controls, treatments, curing and finishing methods, perhaps none moreso than Pre-Krete G8. In addition to the application and process controls, Imperial incorporates critical end-preparation and finishing details on every part we produce, ensuring the field installer can perform the most consistent and trouble-free assembly possible. The crowning achievement of this R&D is an SOP that reliably produces the highest quality, most dependable products of their kind available.

Imperial has custom-designed and built many of our own machines, incorporating generations of mechanical process and procedural experience into highly refined equipment and operating procedures that are a cut above industry standards, all specifically focused on the intended task and the superiority of the end product. Along the way, we also developed and patented the Joint Lock Ring™,a new technology that finally allows CJP field welding on carbon steel pipe with various internal linings, including all types of cement mortar.

Imperial’s commitment to excellence encompasses all of our manufacturing endeavours, including our state-of-the-art HSAW pipe mill, producing carbon steel pipe from 16-inches through 54-inches (400mm to 1,400mm) diameters, and up to 5/8-inch (15.8mm) steel thickness, for waterworks, mining, structural, and other applications. The full range of which we then line, coat, fabricate, and finish into engineered systems meeting our customers’ requirements.

Imperial’s manufacturing scope is further complemented by our team’s ceaseless dedication to first-class project management-driven customer service. We include technical project support and industry-relevant advice from the initial inquiry and project initiation, then continue with project planning, impeccable real-time production communication, inspection coordination, product traceability, and logistics management… complete uninterrupted support from concept to jobsite delivery trench-side, equaling one sole pipeline solution.

Imperial Pipe has mastered the primary solution for potash solution mining. Visit our website,, to fully understand our design and manufacturing proficiencies.