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Saskatchewan Research Council

Saskatchewan Research Council
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The Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) is Canada’s second largest research and technology organization. We’ve worked with the mining industry across Canada and the world for over 70 years.

SRC provides a full suite of services, such as analytical testing, mineral processing, digital solutions, tailings management and environmental services. We support potash mines in Canada and across the world, including in Australia, Africa, the Middle East, South America and Europe.

Our capabilities and expertise assist potash companies throughout the mining life cycle: from exploration to design and optimization to decommissioning and mine closures. 


SRC performs metallurgical testing for all types of ores, solutions and processes. We provide custom tests from lab to pilot scale to support every stage of potash mine development.


SRC Geoanalytical Laboratories has a dedicated potash preparation and analysis laboratory that offers ISO/IEC 17025 accredited methods. The Laboratory has also developed potash analytical standards that are used by the exploration industry around the world.


SRC’s Advanced Microanalysis Centre and SRC Geoanalytical Laboratories supply necessary analytical tools for mineral exploration for everything from sample preparation right through to trace-element analysis.

The Centre provides critical mineralogy information in the form of automated mineralogy studies, such as mineral identification, size and distribution to aid in prioritizing exploration targets and providing essential information for designing mineral processing most effectively. We provide potash services for predicting mineral liberation characteristics and for identifying and quantifying the abundance of deleterious clay minerals to improve potash flotation and enhance recovery.


SRC’s Pipe Flow Technology CentreTM performs work for the potash industry to better understand slurry transport of a variety of potash streams, as well as studying paste-backfill disposal of industrial tailings. In addition to extensive experience with slurry transport and tailings management, Pipe Flow also provides test work in the areas of pipeline wear, instrumentation and pilot process trials.


SRC’s Development Engineering and Manufacturing team provides digital solutions for some of potash mining’s toughest challenges. From autonomous vehicles, to sensor deployments on mining bore machines, and innovative data transmission systems, this group has developed – from concept to prototype – some advanced solutions for potash mines.


Equipment reliability problems can not only affect processing efficiencies, but also cause downtime and maintenance problems. SRC can help identify the root causes of problems and provide novel solutions that meet the client’s goals.

125 - 15 Innovation Boulevard, Saskatoon, SK
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S7N 2X8

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