Protect your assets with a concrete protective layer

Aug 9, 2021 | potash news

GE Environmental has been providing innovation solutions to the potash industry for over a decade.  Concrete protective liners (CPL) have been in use for many years.  Over time when concrete is exposed to corrosive environments, the result can lead to failure.  With the use of CPL’s, the life expectancy of concrete structures increases significantly.  In addition to being chemically inert, CPL’s can tolerate certain temperatures and are robust enough to withstand external forces.

Example of applications for CPL’s in the potash mining industry, include, but are not limited to storage barns, processing plants, water treatment areas, brine ponds, and water conveyance systems. CPL’s can be installed on new structures or retrofitted to an existing structure.  CPL’s are made primarily of HDPE and installed during the forming phase of concrete construction. The CPL’s can come in various colours and strengths dependent of the substrate it is being adhered to. Joints are sealed similarly to an extrusion process on a typically rolled sheet HDPE Geomembrane.  GE strongly encourages the potash mining producers to consider utilizing the CPL’s in the design of new and existing concrete infrastructure.

GE has continued to provide innovative solutions to the mining industry, in particular the potash industry.  GE is compliant with ISNetworld and COR certified, allowing GE to work directly with potash producers.

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