A SubCom® 60 MM Btu/h Process Water Heater for Sulphate of Potash Production from Great Salt Lake Brine.

At Inproheat Industries, we have built on three generations of company history to form strong long-term client relationships and innovative project solutions in Canada and abroad.

The lasting influence and impact of Inproheat’s work is nowhere more apparent than through our proprietary brand of Submerged Combustion Technology – known as SubCom® – and its associated projects.

For more than 45 years, SubCom® has carried a global and diversified industry reach that exemplifies Inproheat’s forward-thinking and big-picture approach to projects – whether they are as close as Canada’s West Coast, on the Prairies, or as far away as Europe.

Compared to traditional boiler-heat exchanger methods, SubCom® delivers lower costs for fuel, operations, and maintenance, as well as shorter payback periods on capital expenditures. Reduced fuel consumption results in proportionally lower greenhouse gas emissions and, where applicable, carbon tax costs.

In the ever-evolving potash mining industry, we continue to bring innovative solutions with ongoing system design improvements. The formation of strategic partnerships with industry players fosters results that exceed expectations and sets new standards. Innovation, shared vision, and outstanding execution will blaze new industry paths – every time.

For the Milestone Phase I Project for Western Potash Corp., Inproheat supplied a three-burner 51 MM Btu/h SubCom® system, a 30 MM Btu/h glycol heater, a heated brine transfer pump and hot brine heat exchangers.

The Western Potash Corp. Milestone Phase I Project in Saskatchewan is a shining example of how Inproheat’s guiding principles of trust, innovation, and expertise led us to deliver some of the key elements in a ground-breaking potash solution mining project.

The project came together when Inproheat Industries was first approached by SNC-Lavalin – a Western Potash Corp. engineering consultant – to quote a Submerged Combustion system for the heating of highly corrosive saturated potash brine to temperatures up to 110°C. Already familiar with the high energy efficiency characteristics of SubCom® and its ability to easily contend with scaling solutions, SNC-Lavalin believed that this technology would be ideally-suited to the Milestone concept.

As we worked closely with Western Potash Corp. and SNC-Lavalin to develop the engineering specifications and system designs, we called on a select group of trusted industry partners to assist with key components to best meet the requirements of the project.

The resulting three-burner SubCom® system heats brine to 82°C at 51 MM Btu/h with a Sigma Thermal glycol heater to further raise brine temperatures to a range of 100°C to 110°C for injection into production caverns. Furthermore, the system includes Tranter plate and frame heat exchangers to transfer the recovery well brine heat over to the injection brine. A KSB pump drives the heated brine through the brine-glycol heat exchanger to injection pumps.

The final SubCom® heating system provided for the estimated $130-million Milestone Phase I Project realized the overall project goals sought by Western Potash Corp. – the delivery of a high-efficiency potash mining solution with a correspondingly low environmental impact and a significant economic boost to Saskatchewan.

Ultimately, Inproheat assessed the needs of Western Potash Corp. and – with the participation of our long-time partners – delivered a first-rate system solution while providing dedicated support at every stage of the process.

We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about the dynamic goals of your company. Let’s build a sustainable SubCom® solution for your next potash mining project – through trust, expertise, and innovation.

For more information, contact Alec Logan, CEO of Inproheat Industries, at alogan@inproheat.com, or 604-216-3003. Visit them online at inproheat.com.