A new course of action

by | Apr 2, 2021 | Suppliers

The development of thickener technology and virtual services at Westpro Machinery

Throughout our 35 years of experience in the mining, wastewater, and aggregate industries, Westpro Machinery has always been interested in research and development and how it may foster a positive impact moving forward. Going into 2021, we hope to change that interest into action. With that said, Westpro hopes to create waves with our world-renowned Hydraulic Thickener Drives, as well as the introduction of our Virtual Commissioning service.

At Westpro, we’ve always sought to create that positive impact within the industry, and with the help from our multi-disciplinary team of engineers, we have the capabilities to make this a reality. We believe it is vital that we do our part as your process technology partner, so this year at Westpro we look to challenge efficiency with our Hydraulic Thickener drives and extend our team dynamic to our customers and their projects with our new virtual services.

Thickeners have been Westpro’s bread and butter for quite some time, but internally, the success of our equipment is also a call to action. Over the years our equipment has developed a reputation for its robust construction and operational longevity, and during the early engineering stages of our hydraulic drives, we felt it appropriate to design a drive which takes our staple qualities to the next level. Our hydraulic drives seek to elevate the performance of the thickener through a number of technical advantages. Such advantages being our signature heavy-duty construction, a hydraulic power unit equipped with safety instruments for low oil level and high temperature indication, duel filters for ease of maintenance, both automatic and manual operation modes, reverse capabilities, the finest torque monitoring instruments, and finally a high-quality planetary gearbox for excellent torque and thrust load. With these advantages, our expert team of multi-disciplinary engineers hope to provide a new definition of reliability and efficiency within the industry.

Leading our team of engineers is engineering coordinator Stephen Atkinson. When asked what has been the defining factor in the success of the custom engineered and designed drive, he had the following to say, “A big part of it comes from the team environment we’ve got here at Westpro. It’s really sparked a fire in us… it’s made a big difference and has definitely helped get us to where we are today.” Atkinson now leads his team as they complete virtual commissioning for projects across the globe, including a bolted thickener with our hydraulic drive technology in Alaska.

But what is Virtual Commissioning? Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry’s ability to commission internationally was uncertain. Between travel restrictions and the health and safety of our employees, customers, and their families, it was evident that a change was needed. Since the start of the restrictions and public awareness, Westpro’s expert team of process engineers have developed, exercised, and perfected a virtual commissioning service.

Westpro’s virtual commissioning service offers a high-quality and cost-effective solution for your commissioning needs. Our dedicated engineering team is committed to supplying every step of the on-site commissioning process virtually and will also assist in everything from installation to the final sign-off and full Westpro warranty. At Westpro, we remain focused on customer satisfaction, and as always, providing a premium service that matches our equipment. Current virtual commissioning projects include a Rotary Dryer in Greenland and two Agglomerators in Argentina.

With the success of our Hydraulic Thickener Drives and our Virtual Commissioning service, we hope to maintain course on our 2021 goals. Additionally, research and development efforts are expanding even further this year with the introduction of new equipment, including a Grit Hydroclassifier and Pug Mill Mixer. We hope to continue this growth for all of 2021 and the many more years to come.