Standards for today’s railroad operating environment: STRATO Inc.

by | May 3, 2021 | Suppliers

STRATO Inc. is solely focused on designing superior railway products to exceed customer expectations of performance. We recognize that our customers need products that are engineered to perform better than current AAR minimum standards for today’s railroad operating environment. Our culture of innovation and improvement enables our customers to run longer and heavier trains efficiently and with confidence.

Unit Train Focus

STRATO understands the critical value of transporting your product to your customers via rail in a dedicated unit train. Very much like a chain, a unit train is only as productive as the weakest component allows it to be. STRATO is committed to continuously researching, testing and improving the products we manufacture to provide our customers with the greatest level of reliability and performance, second to none.

Knuckle Performance Study

In 2018, a Canadian Class One Railroad replaced all the existing knuckles on its dedicated unit train fleet to StratoMAX® AAR M-216 knuckles. The in-service performance of the fleet using 100 percent StratoMAX® knuckles exceeded expectations in speed and reliability by virtually eliminating undesired train stoppages related to knuckle breakage. The railroad has realized lower operating costs and higher productivity on the unit train fleet creating greater service value to its customers.

The same performance advantage and productivity improvement that has been achieved by similar customers can be obtained by all unit train owners who specify StratoMAX® M-216 knuckles for their entire railcar fleet.
StratoMAX® knuckles, couplers, and yokes are designed for longer and heavier trains in unit train service. STRATO designed the StratoMAX® M-216 knuckle to exceed the fatigue service life of all other knuckles making it the most reliable, longest lasting knuckle on the market.

Truck Performance

In 2020, STRATO introduced its line of railcar truck Bearing Adapters with Shear Pads. STRATO’s Shear Pads improve curving performance and rolling resistance translating into significantly extended wheel life. Extensive testing of the STRATO Shear Pads shows the STRATO design to have a 2:1 longer service life, resulting in greater wheel protection and lower maintenance costs. The shear pad also possesses a superior resistance to high temperatures created by friction within the bearings that often causes other pads to melt. Trucks fitted with STRATO Bearing Adapters and Shear Pads stay in service longer providing the owner with higher productivity and greater return on assets.

Transportation Strategy

As the cost of transporting cargo continues to rise, increasing rolling stock productivity is critical to the success of your business. No other rail systems partner understands this more than STRATO. The most effective strategy to achieve the greatest efficiency and return on assets is to specify StratoMAX® Couplers and Knuckles, and STRATO Bearing Adapters and Shear Pads to maximize the in-service performance of your railcars.